Legacies: Hope's Search for Landon Takes a Grim Turn — 2019 FIRST LOOK

Legacies First Look

Hope Mikaelson is a tribrid on a mission when Legacies returns in 2019, as she leads the hunt for her missing “friend” Landon Kirby. TVLine has an exclusive first look at the show’s Jan. 24 episode, curiously titled “Maybe I Should Start at the End,” which foreshadows an upsetting discovery.

When last we saw Landon Kirby, he was stealing a kiss with Hope before boarding a bus to the Big Easy in order to track down his birth mother for answers. Series creator Julie Plec recently revealed to TVLine that Vincent is the “family friend” visited by Landon in New Orleans, though we won’t be seeing Yusuf Gatewood reprising the role on screen.

But the final moments of the fall finale revealed that Landon’s journey has gone off course, with Hope’s bracelet glowing to signify impending danger. We also caught a glimpse of a black-gloved figure holding an old photograph of Landon and his mother while watching footage of the knife. (At this point, we’re getting real anxious to find out Landon’s connection to the mysterious Malivore.)

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