Year in Review

2018 in Review: Scene Stealers From The Good Place, Riverdale, Younger, Sabrina, AHS, Big Mouth and More

TV Scene Stealers 2018

There are a lot of variables that make a TV show worth watching. Strong writing? Yep. Artful cinematography? For sure. Jaw-dropping plot twists? You bet.

But without memorable characters, the #PeakTV era’s many (many) series would have been awfully boring to watch — and we can’t let our Year in Review end without honoring the scene-stealers who provided so much entertainment in 2018.

In the attached gallery, we’ve recognized 25 characters from dramas and comedies alike who commanded our attention every time they appeared in a scene this year. Some of them are the unsung heroes of TV’s comedy ensembles (like The Good Place‘s Jason or Atlanta‘s Tracy), while others have brought levity to even the gloomiest dramas (like Blindspot‘s Rich Dotcom or Ray Donovan‘s Sandy).

But we’re not limiting our kudos to the characters who made us laugh. We’ve also got praise for memorable villains (such as Preacher‘s Gran’ma), scenery-chewing standouts (including Pose‘s Elektra) and even the MVPs of unscripted TV (like Queer Eye‘s inimitable Jonathan Van Ness).

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see the TV scene-stealers that captivated us this year, then hit the comments with your own choices.