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2018 in Review: 12 Dumb Things TV Did


Attention all TV Powers That Be: If you’re looking to make a resolution in 2019, we’ve got a suggestion: Make better choices.

Every year, TVLine surveys the year in television and picks out the real turkeys, aka the decisions that made us shake our heads in wonder and cry, “Who, exactly, thought this would be a good idea?!” And 2018 is no different, thanks to the tone-deaf responses (we feel you, Apu) and spiked episodes (our kingdom for that pulled black-ish installment!) that came up over the past 12 months.

If you’ve read TVLine for a while, you know that we’re not talking about specific shows’ cancellations here, infuriating though they may be. Instead, we’re casting a wider net to deal with the calls that had us scratching our heads in utter confusion. (Seriously: Who confuses Aretha Franklin with Patti LaBelle? WHO?!)

Browse our gallery of the year’s biggest TV missteps — you can click here for direct access — then hit the comments to discuss the moments that would top your list.

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