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2018 in Review: Best Couples, Worst Breakup, Most Pointless Death, Wasted Guest Stars, Overdue Sex and More

Best Worst TV List 2018

Receiving a superlative isn’t always super.

As TVLine’s 2018 in Review heads into its second half, Part 2 of our Best, Worst & Most roundup celebrates several couplings, toasts the loveliest wedding and hails TV’s No. 1 Mom and Dad — but we also cast some serious side-eye at the less-than-dynamic duos, hijacked nuptials and subpar parents.

Also singled out in this gallery (click here for direct access) are the year’s best and worst baddies, the guest stars that were criminally underused, (on-screen) deaths both pointless and humorous, the “super” couple we can only wish comes true, and this year’s winner of our excluuuuuusive and patented Jordan Catalano Dreaminess Award.

You’ll also find our picks for TV’s Most Improved Character (as well as the Most Annoying and the Most Frustrating), the best and worst rugrats and so much more.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see Part 2 of the Best, Worst & Most, then drop a comment with your own winners (or losers).

Still ahead in our 2018 in Review: Best Reunions, The Dumbest Things TV Did, the Year’s Workaholics and much more!

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