SNL 'Precap': 5 Sketches Claire Foy's Episode Just Has to Include

Since this was the rare week during which Donald Trump didn’t serve up ample options for lampooning by Saturday Night Live, Claire Foy’s debut as host probably won’t coincide with Alec Baldwin’s eagerly-anticipated return as POTUS. (His most recent appearance was October 13.) But just because the former Crown royal’s episode is likely to be Trump-free doesn’t mean that it will be TRUMPS-free.

Read on for our predictions of tonight’s sketches, and you’ll see what we mean…

Oh, Christmas Tree: Though Melania Trump’s stark holiday decorations have been an early Christmas gift to late-night hosts and social-media wisecrackers, SNL could still add a new and original branch to the comedic conversation by delving in to the backstory of her creepy, crimson trees. Where did they come from? Were they always as red as Rudolph’s nose? Do they have feelings? Only Cecily Strong’s FLOTUS knows for sure, and we are dying to find out.

Ivanka Needs a Cough Drop: Some have called Ivanka Trump’s manner of speaking during her ABC News interview soft and breathy. Other have dubbed it her nighttime whisper. Whatever it was, we want to hear it recreated by Scarlett Johansson’s Ivanka… although maybe in a sexier setting than a schoolroom. The Lincoln Bedroom, perhaps? And it goes without saying that we’d consider it an early Hanukkah present if we got a cameo by Jimmy Fallon as Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner — even if he didn’t utter a word.

SNL 101: Since the episode will mark Foy’s first time hosting, we imagine that the Brit will make a point of saying that she’s nervous and thankful for the advice of someone who sounds a little bit like home: in other words, Daniel Radcliffe, the SNL-hosting vet who just happens to be starring in The Lifespan of a Fact on Broadway. We wouldn’t even be surprised if the erstwhile Harry Potter ran down the street to calm her nerves… with a little song and dance to get her into the swing of things.

Hardy Har Har for the Course: On Black Friday, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson went head to head on a Las Vegas golf course. So we’re betting that Kenan Thompson and Beck Bennett will tee up a skit that gives us new insights into the side wagers that the two mic’d-up golfers made — on everything from women and celebrities to sporting events and which of them can rightfully claim that he’s, ahem, swinging a 9-iron.

Holy Cow!: Knickers the Cow is as sure to play a, uh, big role on Weekend Update as he is to say moo. What we’re hoping is that the news desk will be paid a visit by his Australian owner, who could reveal not only how the steer got so ginormous but also how he’ll be milking his newfound social-media fame. If said owner is played by Kate McKinnon, who portrayed Aussie screen legend Tess Davies back in 2012, we’ll be reminding people that we correctly called it till the cows come home.

So, what do you think of our prediction? Any sketches you expect/hope to see? Hit the comments.

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