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2018 in Review: The 10 Best Comedies

Best Comedy Series 2018

Here’s one way of summarizing 2018: We really, really needed a laugh.

Fortunately, there were plenty of TV series that rose to the occasion, and our Year in Review continues with our picks for the 10 best comedies. (Missed our roundup of the year’s best dramas? Look no further.)

Without spoiling all of the light-hearted fare that made our 2018 list, we can say that three of our honorees from last year have made the cut once again — and one of them made an impressive eight-spot leap up our rankings.

As for the seven remaining slots, those went to series both new and returning, including freshman gems from HBO and Netflix, an Emmy-winning comedy that got even better in its sophomore year, and two series that did some of their best work in Season 5.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see which shows made our cut this year, then drop a comment with the comedies that make your best-of lists.

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