Cancelled or Not? Code Black, Scream, Fuller House, Arrested Development and 5 More Series on the Bubble

Is Netflix about to raze Fuller House? Will CBS finally call a time of death on Code Black? Is MTV done Screaming? How much longer until I Feel Bad officially feels six feet under?

The fate of nearly a dozen series continue to hang in the balance as the clock ticks closer to 2019, and there are indications that the TV networks may keep fans on pins and needles well into the new year. 

While a few of the in-limbo series featured in the attached gallery are as good as dead, many remain firmly entrenched on the proverbial bubble. And in some cases there’s reason to be hopeful.

Scroll through the gallery  — or click here for direct access — and then tell us in the comments which shows you are pulling for (and which ones you’d be totally content to see get banished to the MIA Network).

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