This Is Us' Thanksgiving Episode to Serve Up 'Important, Timely' Twist

This Is Us Thanksgiving Spoilers

It appears the Pearsons are adding a side dish of whiplash to their Thanksgiving menu. According to Chrissy Metz, Tuesday’s This Is Us — which finds the family coming together for what NBC calls an “unconventional” Turkey Day dinner — will feature a major revelation about a pivotal member of the immediate or extended family.

“We’re gonna learn something very, very important about one particular character we had no idea about,” Metz tells TVLine, before adding that the mini-bombshell is also “very timely.”

The actress declined to specify which timeline — past or present — the discovery is made (the episode also will flash back to a Thanksgiving of yore with Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate, Kevin and Miguel).

In possibly related news, Metz’ leading man, Chris Sullivan, recently teased to TVLine that answers regarding the series’ myriad flash-forward mysteries (first presented in the Season 2 finale) are imminent. “I don’t think we’re going to have to wait much longer for Dan [Fogelman, series creator] to let us know what’s going on with that flash-forward situation,” he told us.

This Is Us‘ Thanksgiving outing airs Tuesday ay 9/8c on NBC. (With reporting by Diane Gordon)

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