SNL Video: 'Serious Actor' Steve Carell Studies Up for His Return to Comedy

Steve Carell will pay Studio 8H a visit when he hosts Saturday Night Live on Nov. 17 — but judging by the sketchfest’s newest promo, Carell’s comedy skills are a little rusty.

In the teaser embedded above, SNL cast members Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd ask Carell if he’s ready to return to comedy, given that his post-Office career has consisted mostly of dramatic, “serious actor” films.

“I wouldn’t worry, because an actor prepares, and I am an actor,” Carell assures the pair, before embarking on an intense regimen of practicing funny accents, writing down (and immediately throwing away) sketch ideas and reading a copy of Re-Learning Comedy for Dramatic Actors. (We won’t spoil whether Carell’s comedy lessons pay off at the end of the promo.)

Ironically, Carell’s SNL stint will help him promote three dramatic film projects: Beautiful Boy, in which he plays the father of Timothée Chalamet’s titular meth addict; Welcome to Marwen, which stars Carell as a man who uses dolls to help him cope with a tragedy; and Vice, in which he’ll appear as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Press PLAY above to see the newest SNL promo, then drop a comment below with your hopes for Carell’s hosting gig.