The Last Ship Series Finale Sneak Peek: The Final Battle Begins With a Bang

The Last Ship‘s very last episode airs thus Sunday at 9/8c, and the TNT drama is very much going out with every bang left in its arsenal.

After suffering a succession of significant casualties — Commander Carlton Burk included — the Navy and Marines this week forge ahead with their plan for am amphibious landing at “Red Beach,” a softer target than Tavo’s well-protected Panama but one that still presents its challenges. In the exclusive sneak peek above, the Nathan James announces its arrival by shelling one of the structures housing Tavo’s forces. It’s then just a matter of moments until the armed forces arrive at the water line for a beachfront invasion that will be no picnic.

(I have screened the finale, and The Last Ship is leaving not a thing on the table. The battle scenes are as intense as they are intricate, and yes, the body count rises, Sharply.)

Press play above to get a taste for what’s to come in the TNT series’ final hour, which is titled “Commitment.”

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