Ex-Walking Dead Star Steven Yeun Felt 'Beige' and 'Cramped' as Glenn

Former Walking Dead star Steven Yeun is opening up about the professional frustration he experienced during his six-year run as hero Glenn Rhee. Speaking to Slate during a promotional tour for his new indie thriller Burning, the actor confessed that he “felt beige with Glenn,” adding, “That was a little bit of the frustration that I could never explain to the wider society, to fans of the show… It’s like: nice guy, dependable, supportive, benign — beige. And as a Korean man, I am not beige.” 

Yeun was quick to note that he remains “incredibly grateful” for his time on Walking Dead. “Did I have a wonderful time on that show? Yeah!” he maintained. “I wouldn’t take that experience back at all. I made lifelong friendships. I got to learn so much.

“But I will say that I felt cramped,” he continued. “I felt like there wasn’t space for me to fully spread all of who I was, and that was partly due to me, too, because when I started, all I was trying to do was to work within the parameters that they were giving me. And then, over time, I just outgrew it.”

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