Blindspot Sneak Peek: Will Jane Go Through With Murdering Weller?

Last Friday’s episode of Blindspot left us with a very major question: Can Jane really bring herself to kill Weller?

As seen in our exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s installment (NBC, 8/7c), Weller’s death is still very much a possibility as Jane — er, Remi — holds a poison-filled syringe behind her back.

“What are you waiting for?” Jane’s hallucination of Roman urges from behind her. “Look at him. He knows you’re not Jane. His death will look like natural causes. You don’t need him.”

After much prodding from Roman, Jane eventually does reveal the syringe that she’s clutching in her fist — but how she ultimately uses the needle might come as a surprise.

Press PLAY above to watch our exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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