Game of Thrones Final Season: We (Maybe) Know Who Is Getting Killed Off

Game of Thrones Season 8 Final Scenes Characters Photos

By now, we know Game of Thrones‘ upcoming eighth and final season will consist of six episodes. We know those episodes will be bloody. We know some of us won’t be happy with the way everything turns out. And we kinda know when when the season will air.

But what we don’t know is which of the show’s characters will make it all the way through to the series finale. And because we’re looking for ways to kill the time between now and whenever HBO announces a premiere date, we decided to apply our decoding skills to what the show’s stars have said re: the big finish.

In the gallery below (go to it directly here), we take you through what several Thrones actors have revealed about their characters’ final scenes and then add our estimation of whether or not the character is likely to be dragon fodder before the finale credits roll. Look, we’re no Melisandre (thank the old gods and the new), but we like to think that we might be able to pick up a hint here or there.

Agree with our forecast? Think we’re full of direwolf droppings? Either way, make sure to sound off in the comments.

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