Riverdale Video: The Vixens' Latest Performance Rocks Archie's Jailhouse

Archie may be the one behind bars, but it’s Veronica who finds herself in hot water over her latest stunt on Wednesday’s Riverdale (The CW, 8/7c). Specifically, she and her fellow River Vixens put on a spicy performance of “Jailhouse Rock” during the “clean, fair” football game between the incarcerated Ghoulies and the Serpents — a stunt that both lifts the inmates’ spirits and infuriates her father. (Sounds like a win-win, no?)

The musical number, which we have for your viewing pleasure a day early, includes spotlight moments for Veronica, Cheryl and, of course, Josie. (No Pussycats? No problem.) And based on all the hooting and hollering coming from the other side of the fence, I’d say Archie and his fellow jailbirds are enjoying the show.

If you’re wondering why Betty isn’t getting in on this River Vixen action, she and Jughead are apparently busy investigating a “gruesome discovery” that’s made in the forest. Elsewhere in this week’s episode, Kevin fears Moose may be “pulling away from him” when he decides to join the RROTC. (Trouble in paradise already?)

Hit PLAY on the video above to enjoy the Vixens’ latest performance, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Riverdale‘s third season below.