Dynasty Premiere Video: 'Real' Cristal Arrives Amidst a Flurry of Confessions

Even if you’ve never watched The CW’s Dynasty reboot, this two-minute clip from Friday’s second season premiere (8/7c) should tell you everything you need to know about the Carrington family — which appears to be growing by the minute.

Fresh off last season’s barn-burning finale, TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek begins with Alexis approaching her ex-husband Blake — who’s clearly going through a rough time, as noted by his rough-time beard — to discuss her current financial situation. And by situation, I mean she’s flat broke. Again.

But Alexis’ problems pale in comparison to those of her and Blake’s son Steven, who reveals — rather bluntly — that he “may have gotten someone pregnant.” (That “someone,” for all you newbies, is Melissa Daniels, the wife of Senator Daniels. So, yeah, this is a big deal.) Fortunately, illegitimate offspring happen to be Blake’s speciality, so a simple “solution” is quickly presented.

Then comes the bombshell we’ve been waiting for ever since Nathalie Kelley (aka Blake’s wife Cristal) revealed that she wasn’t returning to the show: the arrival of the “real” Cristal, now played by Ana Brenda Contreras.

Hit PLAY on the sneak peek above, then drop a comment with your hopes for Dynasty‘s second season below.

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