TVLine, Deadline and Gold Derby's New Awards Upfront Presentation Is Set to Shine During Hollywood's Gold Rush

awards upfront tvline deadline gold derby advertising presentation

And the prize for Most Innovative Appeal to Advertisers goes to… us. That’s right, us. Since award season isn’t only about who won what and who wore what, it’s also a burgeoning business, TVLine and its sister sites Deadline and Gold Derby will be gathering in Hollywood on January 15, 2019, to launch The Awards Upfront, our parent company PMC (Penske Media Corporation) announced Monday.

What, exactly, is The Award Upfront? A live, one-hour presentation that will be to our partners and advertisers what the television upfronts are to theirs. Or, as PMC’s statement puts it, “a fresh and entertaining way to showcase the scale, reach and presence of each vertical and set the stage for client interactions throughout 2019.”

This novel approach to making the most of award season will drastically streamline all three sites’ dealings with their valued advertisers, allowing them to more quickly cut to the chase and get the most out of not only our future partnerships but also their marketing dollars. And yes, we, too, have heard the rumor that TVLine’s own Michael Ausiello might arrive at the event on his Tube Talk subway.

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