Fall TV Preview

Tube Talk: Max Greenfield Previews Neighborhood's Racial Issues — Plus, His New Girl Near-Breakdown

It doesn’t really matter where — if anywhere — Max Greenfield was headed in the fourth episode of Tube Talk, TVLine’s new underground interview series. Once our boss man Michael Ausiello boarded the same train as the New Girl alum, it was redirected straight to Interrogation Station.

First, Ausiello asked the leading man… Wait, sorry. First, Ausiello woke up the leading man. Then, he asked Greenfield about his new CBS comedy, The Neighborhood — everything from its handling of uncomfortable racial issues to how Cedric the Entertainer differs from Cedric the Producer. (They even covered his co-star’s “47-year” run on TV Land’s The Soul Man.)

Next, TVLine’s president risked reducing his fellow passenger to tears by having him flash back to New Girl‘s final day of shooting. This, despite the fact that if the waterworks started, the conversation would be ended. If Greenfield got weepy, that would be it. “I’m gonna be in the bathroom in the stall,” he admitted.

Press PLAY on the video above to check out the impromptu Q&A in its entirety, and then be sure to come back on Tuesday for Episode 5, in which Ausiello straphangs out with Rachel Bloom.