Elementary Finale Sneak Peek: Joan Is Questioned About [Spoiler]'s Murder

From private investigator to prime suspect: Elementary‘s Season 6 finale finds Joan Watson on the opposite side of the interrogation room when she’s grilled about the murder of serial killer Michael (played by Desmond Harrington) in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek.

With nothing to hide from the authorities, Joan voluntarily comes in for questioning during Monday’s episode (CBS, 10/9c). But then Special Agent Mallick (guest star Parminder Nagra) starts to tear apart her alibi, and suddenly, the PI’s future is looking very uncertain.

“You said you went to your parents, but your stepfather is out of town on a book tour,” Mallick notes. When Joan clarifies that she was at their house, the agent continues, “Was there anyone there besides your mother? I ask because I’m told she suffers from dementia.” Uh-oh, that could be an issue.

Amidst trying to clear her name, Joan and Sherlock will also be challenged when the investigation “threatens to destroy their partnership,” per the official description. Luckily, the CBS drama has already been renewed for Season 7, so we’ll definitely get to see how the situation plays out for the duo.

Press PLAY above to watch the finale video and to see how Watson responds to her dire predicament. 

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