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Midnight, Texas to Explore Fiji's Surprising Witchy Lineage in Season 2

Midnight Texas Season 2 Fiji Witch Light Dark

It won’t be long into Midnight, Texas‘ upcoming Season 2 before we learn that Fiji is anything but a basic witch.

Co-showrunners Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo tell TVLine that Transparent actress Trace Lysette’s Episode 5 guest-starring stint as dark witch Celeste will kick off “a big storyline involving witches and the origin of witches on our show, which we didn’t explore last season.”

At the center of the story: Fiji’s genealogy, which goes way beyond Aunt Mildred’s mystical ways.

“We’ll learn more about the origin of light witches and dark witches, and Trace is our first introduction to that,” Snyder explains, adding that Celeste will introduce the idea that not all witches are cut from the same magic cloth — they “either come from a lineage of light witches or a lineage of dark witches, and Fiji is a little surprised by where she comes from.”

And, per Charmelo, the relationship between the two types of spellcasters is a historically adversarial one.

Midnight, Texas returns for Season 2 on Friday, Oct. 26 (9/8c, NBC).

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