Sharp Objects Remix: Opening Credits Get Full House Treatment — Watch

It turns out you can bring some levity to HBO’s ultra-dark Sharp Objects adaptation: Simply combine it with Full House. (Obviously.)

If you watched the premium cabler’s limited-series version of Gillian Flynn’s novel — which wrapped its eight-episode run on Sunday — then you know Wind Gap, Missouri, is not a happy place. Its residents are gossipy and cruel, two young girls have been murdered and the town’s annual Calhoun Day festival somehow romanticizes sexual assault.

But in a video from YouTube user DoingOK (embedded above), scenes from the series are mashed up with Full House‘s original theme song and cheery yellow font — and all of a sudden, Wind Gap seems like a regular Mayberry.

Among the scenes included in the remix: Amma hugging Camille after they meet for the first time (which is a little creepy in the show, but now comes across as warm and fuzzy), a young Camille roller skating with kid sister Marian and Amma palling around with St. Louis friend Mae.

Even more impressive: These new credits manage to capture the rare moments where Wind Gap residents are actually smiling.

Watch the Sharp Objects/Full House mash-up above, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the remix.

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