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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Wishes: 'Jolex' Baby, a Return for April and More


We’ll admit it: Our hearts skipped a beat when we heard that Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy had been dubbed the Season of Love. But it’s going to take more than sweet talk to really make us swoon.

It’s also going to be pretty tough for the long-running ABC drama to deliver more amor than Season 14’s finale. You’ll recall that “All of Me” not only married off Alex and Jo, and April and Matthew, it hinted at a Calzona reunion and all but re-paired Owen and Amelia… just in time for a pregnant Teddy’s return.

Still, we’re confident that it’s doable. And, for better or worse, we have a few thoughts about how we’d like to see it done, from an adorable honeymoon crasher for Jolex to a return for which we’ve been told not to hold our breath. What can we say? We’re the hopeless kind of romantics!

Check out the gallery above to see what’s on our Season 15 wish list — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments with the ways in which you’d like to see the plot twist.

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