Fall TV Preview

The 10 Returning Series We Are Most Excited For — Ranked

As fall approaches, there’s a lot to look forward to, from pumpkin-spice lattes to the occasional days that we don’t show up for work looking like we’ve just finished a triathlon. But for us TV junkies, the most exciting thing about the change of seasons is the imminent returns of some of our favorite series. 

This year, we’re particularly jazzed about the comebacks of 10 shows, House of Cards, Supernatural and The Good Place among them. And in the gallery to the right, we not only reveal why their new seasons have us so giddy with anticipation, we rank them in order, from the series whose return has us camping out on the edge of our seats already to the one that we’ve merely set our DVR to record.

Click on the gallery above to see which shows made the list — or go here for direct access — then hit the comments. Which series’ returns have you all atwitter?