A Recently Cancelled Show Has Been Rescued — and the Deal Is Almost Done

Blind Item Time Jump

Lucifer and Timeless are not the only recently axed series staging death-defying comebacks. (UPDATE: BLIND ITEM REVEALED!) Sources confirm to TVLine that a program that had its plug prematurely pulled in the past six months is thisclose to getting a new lease on life, but a few minor wrinkles need to be ironed out before an announcement can be made.

Producers of the unnamed series are not waiting for the ink to dry to begin reassembling the troops, however; I hear the show in question is already securing returning and new cast and crew members for the would-be season, with production slated to resume as early as this fall.

OK, you know the drill: Make your way to the comments section below and deposit your educated guesses. And if you do not have any educated guesses, feel free to weigh in on fellow commenters’ educated guesses. Just say something, for the love of God.

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