The 100 Bloopers: Watch Octavia and More Battle the Giggles in Season 5

In need of a laugh after last night’s season finale of The 100? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Fresh off the “end [of] book one,” TVLine has an exclusive first look at the blooper reel included in The 100: The Complete Fifth Season, which is available now on Digital and can be purchased in DVD form on Oct. 9.

The 30-second sneak peek finds some of The 100‘s most stoic characters loosening up — including new villain Diyoza, someone you probably never expected to get caught in a giggle fit. And yet, here we are.

And after five years on this show, Marie Avgeropoulos (aka Octavia) has developed a keen sense for mistakes, at one point saying, “This is going to be on the blooper reel, and I hate you guys for it.” (We, of course, love them for it.)

Hit PLAY on the video above to enjoy some of your favorite characters at their worst (or is it their best?), then drop a comment with your thoughts: What did you love/hate about Season 5? And what do you hope to see in Season 6?

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