The Lucifer Season 4 Premiere Title: Who Will Say It to Whom? Vote!

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Will everything be OK between the Devil and the detective when Lucifer makes its Netflix debut?

The Season 4 premiere title offers some hope.

As revealed by the Lucifer writers’ Twitter feed, the title for the supernatural-tinged drama’s Netflix premiere is “Everything’s Okay.” And since Lucifer famously uses dialogue snippets as its episode titles, we are now left to wonder — for however long (Season 4’s bingeable 10 episodes cannot possibly drop any sooner than early 2019) — who says those two words to whom.

When last we tuned in, Lucifer had busted out assorted angelic powers to save Chloe when Pierce aka Cain snapped and sicced a crew of gunmen on them. First, he deftly used his wings to form a shield from the barrage of bullets, after which he flew himself and Chloe to the rooftop, for a brief respite. Lucifer then faced off against and ultimately vanquished Cain, in an intense battle that brought out Lucifer’s Devil face — which Chloe then laid eyes on, as she arrived on the scene.

Who will wind up reassuring another that everything is OK? Get your best guess in the poll below.

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