Samantha Bee Recruits Terry Crews for 'PSA' on Male Sexual Abuse Jokes

On Wednesday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Terry Crews joined Samantha Bee to issue a public service announcement regarding the seriousness of male sexual abuse.

The Full Frontal PSA was preceded by a segment that touched on the continued use of prison rape as a punchline, and the forgotten victims of the #MeToo movement. Bee singled out fellow comedians Bill Maher, Steve Martin and Martin Short for cracking wise about assault among incarcerated men, and insisted we have to stop talking about #MeToo as if it’s only a women’s movement. “Many of the predators in the #MeToo era,” including former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, “preyed on men,” Bee said.

Crews, of course, was among the first high-profile male victims to speak out about his assault. He claimed he was groped by a Hollywood executive back in 2016. Last June, he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and advocated for the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. In the above clip, Crews and Bee argue that male sexual abuse isn’t funny, no matter the joke, and suggest some alternative ways to get laughs, including spit takes and a good ol’ pie to the face.

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