Frasier Revival Update: Kelsey Grammer Says He's Waiting for a 'Pitch That Hits It Out of the Park'


Don’t toss those salads or scramble those eggs just yet. Kelsey Grammer says a Frasier revival has a number of hoops to jump through before it becomes a reality.

“[We] have to make sure it’s going to be a great show,” he told reporters Thursday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour. “If it’s not a great show, and if we don’t hear a pitch that hits it out of the park, it probably won’t happen.”

Last week, news broke that Grammer is poised to meet with several writers to discuss concepts for a new iteration of the Seattle-based Frasier, one that would find his title character living in different city.

A spinoff of NBC’s long-running comedy CheersFrasier aired for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004. In addition to Grammer, the comedy starred David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane, Frasier’s younger brother; Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon, Frasier’s live-in housekeeper and Niles’ eventual love interest; Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, the producer of Frasier’s radio show; and the late John Mahoney as Martin Crane, Frasier’s father.

Grammer went on to tell reporters that “NBC may not be interested” in the potential revival, adding that it “may go somewhere else.”

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