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9-1-1 Season 2: No Current Plans for Connie Britton to Return

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The 9-1-1 crew will have to make due without their trusty call-center maestro Abby Clark. At the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour on Thursday, Fox co-chairman Gary Newman confirmed that there are no current plans for Connie Britton to return in Season 2.

“We love Connie Britton, [but] it was always envisioned to be a one-year role,” Newman told reporters. “So it wasn’t a surprise [that she left]. If Connie expressed interest and had time in the future, I know [exec producer] Ryan [Murphy] would be thrilled to bring her back to the show.”

Britton’s exit was first announced last March when it was revealed that her 9-1-1 contract was only for one season. However, at the time, Murphy remained optimistic that the Nashville and Friday Night Lights vet might return on a guest-star basis.

“We’re in the process of renegotiating her deal so she can come in and do a couple of episodes to keep her character alive,” Murphy told us. “She really loves the cast and crew and she’s very hopeful that that can happen.”

Britton has since signed on to star opposite Eric Bana in the Bravo true-crime anthology Dirty John.