Strange Angel: Will the Grand Magus Work His (Sex) Magic on Susan?

Is Strange Angel‘s straightest arrow about to take her first tiny step toward joining the local sex magic cult?

In the exclusive sneak peek above from the CBS All Access drama’s antepenultimate episode (releasing Thursday morning), the rightly wary Susan (played by Bella Heathcoate) storms the Agape Lodge looking for A) Jack and B) answers, but ideally a combination of both.

Instead, she finds the Grand Magus (Greg Wise) aka Alfred Miller. Will the cult leader be able to soothe Jack’s wife — or at the very least, something that ails her? Press play above to watch the encounter.

Elsewhere in Episode 8, titled “Evocation of the Elders”: Richard flies solo to Washington D.C. to present the team’s proposal at the Department of War — though without Jack there to do the talking, he must turn to Marisol to find the confidence he needs. Back in Los Angeles, Jack continues to drift closer to Thelema, skipping work to go on a spontaneous road trip with Ernest.

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