The Originals Boss Teases 'Happiness Amidst the Pain' in Series Finale

The Originals Series Finale

If you think The Originals is going out in a blaze of sunshine and rainbows, I have just one question: You have seen this show, right?

Wednesday’s series finale (The CW, 9/8c) bears the virtually impossible burden of wrapping up literally thousands of years of storylines told over five seasons of The Originals and three-ish seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Though series creator Julie Plec assures TVLine that we’ll get “a lot of closure” from the show’s final hour, we’ll also see “the promise for a good future” mixed in with some complicated emotions.

“Fans can expect a lot of emotional surprises and a lot of tears,” Plec says. “But there’s also happiness amidst the pain.” (Having seen the finale, I co-sign all of the above.) As for the episode’s big conclusion — which I won’t be spoiling, and shame on anyone who does — Plec simply says, “I can’t see it having ended any other way.”

How are you hoping The Originals will spend its final 41 minutes? Drop a comment with your dream ending(s) for the Mikaelsons below.

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