Fall TV Preview

The Good Cop Trailer: Tony Danza Shows Josh Groban Who's the Boss

Tony Danza might be starring in Netflix’s The Good Cop… but he’s not the title character. (Not by a longshot.)

Netflix released the first trailer for the Danza/Josh Groban cop dramedy — which you can watch above — where the former Who’s the Boss star plays Big Tony, a self-described “naughty cop” who barges back into the life of his straight-laced cop son TJ, played by Groban. Dad waltzes in unannounced at a homicide crime scene TJ is working… and brings his much younger girlfriend along to gawk at the body, too.

TJ isn’t exactly thrilled to spend quality time with his pops. When Big Tony crows that he taught his son everything he knows, TJ adds: “Except right from wrong! That, I learned on my own.” Big Tony is a big hit with his former colleagues, though, and he only has the best intentions for his son. He even gets TJ a speaking slot on an ethics panel… by slipping somebody 50 bucks.

The Good Cop — from Monk creator Andy Breckman — debuts on Friday, Sept. 21 on Netflix. Press PLAY above for a sneak peek, then hit the comments to share your first impressions.