The 100's Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor on That 'Bellarke' Slap ('It Felt Good'), the Big Season 5 Finale Twist and More

Things got a little physical this season between The 100‘s Bellamy and Clarke — and Eliza Taylor loved every second of it.

Discussing the recent episode in which her character slapped Bob Morley‘s, Taylor recalled, “That felt good!” (There’s apparently some discrepancy about whether it was supposed to be a double slap, but that’s neither here not there.)

The stars of the CW drama dropped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite this week to talk all things Season 5, from the infamous stomach worms (“So disgusting!”) to the stressful events of the past few weeks. Morley even shared a dark little anecdote from his childhood, which is actually a lot funnier than it sounds.

And what’s still to come for Bellamy, Clarke and the rest of the 100 — or however many remain — gang this season? They couldn’t say much, though fans should apparently brace themselves for a “heartbreaking” twist. Because, you know, it’s The 100.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Taylor and Morley’s interview in full, which includes a preview of their personal favorite upcoming interaction between Bellamy and Clarke, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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