The Gifted Season 2 Trailer Delivers One Explosive Childbirth and a Mighty Foe

Hell, can we get an epidural, to help endure the intense Season 2 trailer for Fox’s The Gifted?

As the Marvel drama’s freshman run came to a close, Lorna aka Polaris defected to the “other side,” allying with the First Sisters and the rest of the Hellfire faithful. The Struckers’ son Andy, likewise, sided with those aiming to fight dirtier against the humans who wish to oppress them.

When Season 2 arrives on Sept. 25, with the show now leading off Tuesday nights, enough time will have lapsed that Polaris is now ready to pop, and as the trailer above suggests, Magneto’s grandkid ain’t coming out quietly!

Also featured in the promo is new series regular Grace Byers (Empire), whose Reeva is revered as the mightiest mutant to survive the infamous 7/15 Incident. She seems especially ruthless, especially when it comes to culling the headcount of the Inner Circle and readily dismissing the ambitions of the X-Men.

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