The Flash Season 5 Trailer: What Dark, Future Secret Is Nora Keeping?

Nora West-Allen knows something about the future — something not good — that she is hiding from at least one of her parents, as revealed in the Season 5 trailer for The Flash.

The first new footage from the coming season captures Team Flash’s amusing immediate reaction to the bombshell that The Mystery Girl dropped in the finale, before shedding a bit of light on Nora, who as a speedster was dubbed “XS” by her pop.

Barry soon comes to realize, though, that his insta-kid knows something about the future that she is having trouble hiding. In whom will she share it?

The Season 5 trailer then closes with  a haunting hint of the new Big Bad, Cicada (played by Chris Klein) — and the lightning bolt-shaped daggers with which the DC villain slays those The Flash has saved over the years, using their life energy to extend his own.

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