Younger Sneak Peek: Will Zane Drive a Wedge Between Kelsey and Jake?

Kelsey Peters’ complicated love life isn’t the only thing in need of fixing on tonight’s Younger (TV Land, 10/9c).

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of the episode, Kelsey and Zane butt heads over how to proceed with Jake’s book after his first chapter turns out snoozier than expected. While Kelsey chooses to play good cop, Zane — who isn’t dating Jake — takes a more direct approach, telling him, “It needs more energy. Humor. Scandal. We’re competing with Russian hookers and golden showers.”

“They have a respect for each other, but they also have the same drive to get ahead,” Hilary Duff told TVLine of Kelsey and Zane’s “torturous” relationship in Season 5. “They’re still constantly trying to walk out doors first.” And when Duff teased that Kelsey also has “a few other little things going on,” Charles Michael Davis (aka Zane) was quick to clarify, “Key word: little.”

Hit PLAY on our clip from tonight’s Younger above, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Kelsey’s love life below: Are you #TeamJake or #TeamZane?

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