Grey's Anatomy Vet Katherine Heigl Reacts to Alex Marrying 'True Love' Jo, Wonders, 'Where Did Izzie Go?'

How’s this for a Grey’s Anatomy twist: Katherine Heigl is Team Jo!

In a new interview with TVLine, the former Grey’s star — who joins USA Network’s Suits on Wednesday, July 18 — expressed both shock and awww when we informed her that Izzie’s ex, Alex, finally got hitched to longtime love Jo this past spring. “Oh my God!” Heigl exclaimed, before adding, “Well, that’s exciting. Alex needed to find love — true love.”

While Heigl was quick to give the newlyweds her blessing, she admitted that her former alter ego might not be nearly as enthusiastic. “I don’t know [how Izzie would react],” the actress hedged. “I’d have to start wondering where Izzie is. Like, what is she doing? Where did she go? I would hope that she pursued her [medical] career.

“She could have children by now,” Heigl continues. “She could be married… If she has moved on, then I would expect Izzie to be very happy for him. She would want him to be happy.”

And what if Izzie were still single? “She’d be jealous [of Jo] for sure, right?” Heigl muses, before adding with a laugh, “She’d want him to hold out for her.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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