SCOTUS Live Stream: President Trump Nominates New Justice — Watch

President Donald Trump will take to the airwaves at 9/8c to reveal his nomination for Judge Anthony Kennedy’s replacement on the Supreme Court.

It’s a monumental announcement that will affect countless important issues and ultimately shape the future of the United States — so let’s maybe not complain that ABC is interrupting The Bachelorette? (That said, for a complete guide to how the major networks’ programming will be affected by their SCOTUS coverage, you can click here.)

As of Monday afternoon, Trump had reportedly narrowed his decision down to four possible names: Brett Kavanaugh, a circuit court judge who served asWhite House Staff Secretary under George W. Bush; Amy Coney Barrett, a circuit court judge appointed by Trump; and Thomas Hardiman and Raymond Kethledge, both circuit court judges appointed by Bush.

Whomever is nominated will be the second Justice selected by Trump; Neil Gorsuch was nominated in April 2017 to succeed the late Judge Antonin Scalia.

Hit PLAY on the YouTube video above to watch ABC News’ live coverage of the SCOTUS announcement, then drop a comment with your own thoughts below.