Cloak & Dagger Boss Explains That Sexy 'Tease' of Tandy and Tyrone's Future

Cloak & Dagger Sex Scene

If the, ahem, love scene on Thursday’s episode of Cloak & Dagger caused you to do a double take, your instincts were dead on.

Because even though the action went down between Duane and his girlfriend, the imagery of the scene — her blonde hair, the black-and-white ensembles they wore afterwards, etc. — was meant to bring a different couple to mind.

Cloak & Dagger Sex Scene

And in case the visual cues weren’t enough for you, the sex scene went down immediately after Evita’s aunt declared that she was going to look into Tyrone’s future. So, what does this sexy bait-and-switch mean? We went to the one man with all the answers for an explanation:

“That was absolutely intentional to rope-a-dope you guys,” executive producer Joe Pokaski tells TVLine. “It was the idea that we’re going off of telling a story of the future, and we were excited to tease what will happen in their future and to let the audience hopefully wonder, ‘Wait, is that Tandy and Tyrone?’ and then adjust accordingly.” (You read that right, friends, “what will happen in their future.”)

Your thoughts on Tyrone and Tandy’s collective journey of discovery? The show in general? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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