Elementary Sneak Peek: John Noble Returns Following [Spoiler]'s Death

The death of a family member reunites father and son on Monday’s Elementary (CBS, 10/9c), and in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Sherlock uses the unfortunate occasion as an opportunity to make amends with his pops.

Former series regular John Noble returns for a two-episode arc as Papa Morland Holmes, who has surfaced in New York following his son Mycroft’s death, which viewers — and Sherlock — first learned about during last week’s episode. In the wake of the loss, Morland informs Sherlock that he needs to update his will, seeing as how Mycroft was the sole heir. Awkward!

Despite that slight, the P.I. responds in kind, revealing that his failed attempt at reconciling with his brother led him to an epiphany. “It made me realize that grudges are pointless, and the people who hold them are petty and small-minded,” Sherlock explains. “I am neither of those things.”

Will Morland accept his son’s olive branch? Press PLAY above to find out, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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