Telemundo Hosts Suspended for Making Racist Gestures Towards Team South Korea During World Cup

Telemundo Hosts Suspended

Two hosts of Telemundo morning show Un Nuevo Dia have been indefinitely suspended after using racist gestures to celebrate South Korea’s recent World Cup win over Germany, a victory that would allow Mexico to proceed to the knockout round.

Wearing Team Mexico shirts, hosts James Tahhan and Janice Bencosme were seen mocking Team South Korea by using their pointer fingers to stretch their eyes. Video of the racist mockery, which is making the rounds online, can be seen below:

“We are extremely disappointed with our morning show contributors James Tahhan’s and Janice Bencosme’s gestures referring to the South Korean national soccer team,” reads a statement from Telemundo. “Our company takes this kind of inappropriate behavior very seriously as it is contrary to our values and standards.”

Tahhan issued an apology on social media, both in English and Spanish, referring to the incident as a “lack of sensitivity on my part.” Read his statement in full below:

Bencosme also released a bilingual apology in two separate tweets, saying, “My gesture, besides being inappropriate, was offensive to the Asian community.” Read it in full below:

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