Strange Angel Sneak Peek: Is Ernest Starting to Get Under Susan's Skin?

The enigmatic Ernest is playing Susan’s song — literally — in this exclusive sneak peek from CBS All Access’ Strange Angel.

In Episode 3 of the freshman drama (releasing Thursday morning), Susan (played by Bella Heathcote) is visiting a record store when she spies her rather curious neighbor nearby. Later that day, as seen in the sneak peek above, Susan drifts next door, where she hears Ernest (Rupert Friend) playing a record she liked — the risque-for-the-times “The Rite of Spring,” by Stravinsky — at a yard party.

Had Ernest followed Jack’s wife that morning, or was it pure “coincidence”? Press play above to hear his side of the story, after which he invites Susan to join in on the fun. With Jack away, will the missus play…?

Elsewhere in the episode titled “Ritual of the Rival Tribes”: Jack, feeling the pressure to succeed and provide Susan with the life he promised, urges the rocketry team to take a risk and start testing their experiments at full volume. Also, Ernest invites both of the Parsons to one of his group’s secret gatherings, promising a way to make all their dreams come true.