Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: Deran Comes Out to Billy — Plus: TMI About Smurf's Rockin' Beach Bod

Open mouth, insert foot. Yep, that pretty much sums up the unfortunate technique that Animal Kingdom’s Billy applies to bonding with estranged son Deran in this exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s “Prey” (TNT, 9/8c).

First, Denis Leary’s prodigal father gets a little more graphic than Deran — and maybe we — would prefer in his recollections of babymama Smurf’s youthful attributes. Then, after revealing exactly how Craig has been a s— since he was in diapers, he arrives at a piece of advice that is utterly useless to the grownup kid that he doesn’t know well enough to know is gay: “Date lotsa chicks, man.” In response, Deran does something that he keeps getting better at, and comes out, this time to his long-lost pop.

To see how Billy reacts, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Are you digging Leary’s turn as Deran’s deadbeat dad? And WTH is up with his freaky girlfriend, Frankie?