John Oliver Censored in China... After Mocking Chinese Censorship

John Oliver probably saw this coming.

The New York Times on Thursday reported that footage from HBO’s Last Week Tonight has been scrubbed from Chinese social media platform Weibo. The segment in question took a closer look at the autocratic tendencies of President Xi Jinping — including his censorship of the media. Attempts to post the words “John Oliver” to Weibo are now met with an error message suggesting that it violates the website’s rules and regulations. Posts predating the June 17 segment are still available.

In addition to discussing China’s human rights record, Oliver poked fun at the country’s unofficial Winnie the Pooh ban, which was put in place after a series of memes suggested a resemblance between Xi and the beloved cartoon bear.

China’s decision to ban the critical Last Week Tonight segment comes just two weeks after the late-night comedy series was censored in the U.K., where it is against the law to use footage from the House of Commons for the purpose of political satire. Oliver made note of the censorship on his June 10 broadcast, then revealed that viewers in Britain would instead be treated to five minutes of footage of comedian Gilbert Gottfried reading three-star Yelp reviews from restaurants in Boise, Idaho (as seen in the clip below).

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