This TV Season's Finales, Ranked! Which Twisty Finish Topped Our List?

Best TV Season Finales

Now that Supergirl has landed her finale, TVLine is here to rank the best closers for the TV season gone by.

Limiting the field to almost exclusively broadcast-TV shows that premiered in-season and have not been cancelled (do you fancy that particular choice of words?) — and looking at it through the sweet, virginal eyes of a viewer who doesn’t hunt down spoilers — the TVLine staff put its collective head together to size up the finales that packed any kind of dramatic and, ideally, cliffhanger-y punch.

Browsing the attached photo gallery (click here for direct access), you will see that a few select sitcoms managed to make the cut, though make no mistake, not every primetime show did. No “participation trophies” here. We had to draw the line somewhere, and 35 proved to be the magic number. Some seasons simply… ended.

Review our rankings to see how unexpected resurrections, devilish reveals, exploding SUVs, Tahiti getaways and one big blast from the future informed our list, then hit the Comments to name your own Top 3 finales of the past TV season!