Nashville Sneak Peek: Juliette's Back! Has She Finally Come to Her Senses?

Nashville‘s Darius really should’ve learned by now: Don’t try to get between Juliette Barnes and something she really, really wants.

Yes, we’re finally getting an update on Cadence’s mom and what she’s been up to these past few episodes. It looks like an extended stay at The Movement for Coherent Philosophy’s Bolivian work camp retreat center has helped Ju remember who she is and how much she likes ordering people around, as evidenced by this exclusive sneak peek of Thursday’s installment (CMT, 9/8c).

The hour checks in with Avery’s ex/current/who knows? wife, whom we last saw calmly informing her partner that she was going to stay at the cult South American facility for as long as it took for her to get her life in order.

Seems like some of her spunk is back now. In the video above, Juliette complains about something troubling she witnessed at the center, Darius worries that her anger will distract her from her “journey.” Nonsense, she says. “I’m going to help make things right.” And then?

Press PLAY on the video above to see what Ms. Barnes vows to do next.