Cancelled, But With Closure: 18 Shows Heading Into Their Final Seasons

Cancelled AND Renewed

When is a TV show’s cancellation not the worst thing ever? When it’s preceded by a renewal notice.

In what has become something of a growing (and extremely welcome) trend in the TV biz, networks and streamers are eschewing abrupt plug-pullings in favor of a renewal that comes with an asterisk — that is, giving a series a green light for one final, closure-filled season (or, at the very least, a TV-movie).

In fact, there are nearly 20 series — spanning broadcast, cable and streaming — gearing up to launch their farewell tours. We know this because we not only counted them, but we gathered all the pertinent details about their respective swan songs and then folded all of the information into the convenient cheat sheet above (click here for direct access).

Which soon-to-depart program’s final season are you anticipating the most? Review all 18 options and then weigh in below!