Originals Recap: Smoke on the Water

The Originals Recap

Nobody likes a party crasher, and that goes double for funerals.

The supernatural communities came together to pay their respects to Hayley on Wednesday’s episode of The Originals, only to be ambushed by Elijah’s army of “nightwalker Nazis.” I mean, I understand their anger towards Klaus for sinking his werewolf tooths into Antoinette and leaving her for dead, but considering the role she played in Hayley’s death, didn’t they assume Klaus would seek an appropriate punishment? Have they never seen this show before?!

Proving herself to be every bit her father’s daughter, Hope’s instinct was to escalate the situation by setting off a magical car bomb, narrowly dodging an actual bullet (thanks, Josh!) in the process. And if your heart didn’t break when Hope rejected Klaus’ attempt at fatherly comfort, or when Klaus bid a tearful farewell to Hayley in the woods, I’m not sure you ever had a heart to begin with.

Klaus had previously turned down Elijah’s offer to regain his memories in exchange for Antoinette’s safety, but because someone is always betraying someone else on this show, Marcel and Vincent went behind Klaus’ back to avoid more conflict. Their thought process was that Elijah is already becoming a hero figure to these lunatics, and allowing Antoinette to die would only further radicalize him. They weren’t wrong, but that didn’t make watching the return of Elijah’s memories — not to mention the painful emotions behind his recent actions — any less difficult.

After hearing Freya’s eulogy and witnessing the third-to-last event of Ivy’s doomsday prophecy — all that remain are “monsoons from the sea” and “the death of all firstborns!” — Klaus attempted to skip town, only to find himself trapped (with his family) in a chambre de chasse inside Elijah’s head.

Because of course he did.

Also worth discussing…

* I was relieved to catch a glimpse of Hayley in that promo for next week’s episode. I hope we see quite a bit more of her as the final season rolls on.

* I also hope we haven’t seen the last of Declan. They wouldn’t have made him Cami’s relative for nothing, right?

* I knew I was going to get emotional this week, but I didn’t expect it to happen immediately. Caroline’s letter to Klaus, sending her love to him (!) and his family was… a lot.

* I also loved Vincent’s casual plea to Ivy: “Please don’t tell me the end is nigh, I don’t want to hear it today.” It was weirdly relatable.

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