Supergirl Sneak Peek: Does National City Stand a Chance Without Kara?

With Kara returning to live with her mother, Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c) offers a glimpse at what life in National City would be like without the Girl of Steel — and it’s not pretty.

As revealed in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, someone is stealing and/or recreating DEO-grade weaponry, which James discovers when a ne’er do well opens fire on Guardian during a bank robbery.

Though Hank insists it’s “impossible” that a tool from the DEO’s arsenal could fall into the wrong hands, Winn — not to mention Guardian’s busted shield — begs to differ.

And that’s to say nothing of Reign, who broke free from captivity in the final moments of last week’s episode. (You know, I’m all for long-awaited mother-daughter reunions, but this doesn’t seem like spectacular timing.)

Hit PLAY on the video above for a look at Supergirl-minus-Supergirl, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.