Roseanne Cancelled: Now What? Stream These 12 Shows to Fill the Void

Roseanne Cancelled What to Watch Instead Streaming

Hey, have you heard? Roseanne got cancelled. Yeah, it was in the news a little bit this week.

Setting aside the vast political, cultural and financial ramifications of ABC’s decision — those have been well covered, we believe — the loss of Roseanne has left a gaping hole in a lot of TV fans’ DVR queues. (Heck, even the reruns are getting yanked off the air.) But the good news is, thanks to the Peak TV era we live in, there are plenty of alternatives out there that may be able to scratch that nagging Roseanne itch of yours. At least a dozen, by our count.

To help you in your time of need, TVLine has assembled a list of 12 worthwhile comedies, each chosen to replace a certain aspect of the dearly departed Roseanne. Plus, all 12 are available to catch up on via a major streaming service, so you can fill your summer with hours and hours of laughter. (Just not that cackling laugh of Roseanne’s, we’re afraid.)

Check out the photo gallery above — or click here for direct access — for our list of Roseanne substitutions, and then drop into the comments below and share your own recommendations for curing that post-cancellation hangover.