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Supergirl Recap: One Strange Rock — Plus, Erica Durance Talks Kara's Dilemma and Alura's 'New Mission'

Supergirl Recap

In a strangely appropriate episode for Memorial Day, Supergirl discovered that several of her fallen comrades… aren’t quite as “fallen” as once perceived.

Monday’s episode found Kara and Mon-El traveling to a distant meteor to obtain black rock, the only substance they believe is capable of stopping Reign and saving Sam. But what they ended up discovering was even more of a game changer: Kara’s entire hometown of Argo City — including her mother! — survived Krypton’s destruction and have been living on the meteor.

The catch? Alura and the others have been using the black rock — now revealed to be black kryptonite — to keep Argo City and its inhabitants alive, leaving Kara with one heck of a decision: Can she still save Earth without sacrificing the Kryptonians, or is she doomed to lose her mother again?

“Ultimately, this is going to put Kara in a dilemma having to deal with the black kryptonite,” Erica Durance told TVLine when we were on set for this episode. “I believe that [Alura] obviously sides with her daughter … but it’s a little bit more of a problem for Supergirl. In order to save her new adopted family, she’s taking from her mother, right? So it’s this strange dilemma. Of course Alura would do anything to help her, and it also galvanizes her to say, ‘OK, I’m going to continue to work on your father’s work and I’m going to get this done and I’m going to make it so that we are not dependent on this black rock.’ So it’s a new mission for Alura as well.”

Durance also appreciates that Alura is finally coming clean about some of her shadier acts prior to her home planet’s untimely destruction.

“I reveal how much I’m culpable — and I was — in the fate of Krypton, and some of the things that I did, and the way that I ruled on Krypton,” she said. “That set the stage for the prison. And then everybody escapes so there’s also the fact that Alura is partly responsible for them escaping. That’s kind of interesting.”

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Reporting by Matt Mitovich